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October 8, 2012:
New trailer hits theaters. Film announced, somebody already does not like the title.


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Details on the newest Die Hard Movie

Action and Adventure with John McClain, who is one hard guy to kill.

The new trailer for Die Hard 5: A Good Day To Die Hard, has been released in theaters and on the internet, to enthusiasm for film audiences. The initial trailer, beginning with strains of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, reminiscient of the original film in the franchise, is accompnaied by the usual mayhem and destruction of John McClane, the unkillablle superhero cop who spawned a horde of imitators. Die Hard movies may be low on credibility, but generally the action sequences and suspense make up for the thin plot and the unlikely coincidence that McClain somehow is in a building, at an airport, or on the beat when he manages to get right in the middle of a major terroris operation. On top of that, he somehow manages to beat teams of trained assasins with minimal help. Will the newest film be any different? We hope not, though a there is always the rumor of a surprise ending where the hero finally dies.

The fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise began shooting in January 2012 for a February 2013 released date. Entitled “A Good Day to Die Hard” the story is set in Russia where John McClane must get his son out of trouble with the Russian Authorities. Predictably (otherwise the movie would be John McClane drinking alone in his apartment) there will be terrorist activities, or a hijacking, or a hostage situation, or all three, and McClane will be the one man who can put an end to the nefarious plan. The film is expected to be directed by John Moore, with a screenplay by Skip Woods.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: These movies aren't written for Merchant-Ivory fans but still make for some entertaining action. Die Hard 5 appears to be opening on Valentine's Day 2013, which means that for the first time in history, guys will be able to go to a date movie that they will actually want to watch, or they can tell their ladyfriends to take the girls to the romantic trainwreck starring Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Grant, and Sandra Bullock while the boys can go watch Bruce Willis do a billion dollars in damage to the new Evil Empire.